About me

I'm Guilherme (pronounced ghee-lli-air-me), a seasoned product designer based in Berlin, Germany.

With nearly two decades in the design field, I am continually in awe of its ever-evolving nature. This profession teaches humility and the need for lifelong learning. Change is the only constant in design (as well as in life), and embracing it has become my second nature.

My journey began in graphic design, where the human-centric aspect of the craft caught me. Now, as a Product Design Lead, this focus remains true. Our primary goal as designers is to develop products that resonate with users and significantly enhance their lives. This objective requires a profound understanding of user behaviours, communication styles, and life experiences.

In my role as a lead, I strive to mentor designers to realise their potential. This includes guiding them to become integral parts of their organisations. A key to delivering exceptional user experiences is how well designers understand and align with their organisational environment. Recognising and adapting to each organisation's unique dynamics, goals, and challenges is crucial.

Craftsmanship, while essential, is only one piece of the puzzle. Adaptability and the ability to navigate and contribute meaningfully within an organisation’s ecosystem are what truly set apart effective designers. As our world goes through rapid changes, designers have a unique opportunity—and responsibility—to ensure that these changes are not only innovative but also inclusive and accessible to all.

I am fully committed to creating dynamic environments that not only foster creativity but also empower designers to make a significant and long-lasting impact on user experience.

What moves me

A Life of Purpose

What drives us? What do we stand for? I'm a firm believer in the power of a deeper purpose. When people unite under a shared mission, the possibilities are boundless.

Steady, Incremental Progress

Success, both in life and work, often lies in making small, consistent improvements. It's these incremental changes that pave the way to long-term achievement.

The Power of Kindness

Whether as a colleague, family member, or friend, I see kindness as the cornerstone of meaningful relationships.

Balancing Act

As a father and husband, my family is my priority. This doesn't conflict with my passion for my career. I'm committed to working in environments that respect and uphold this balance.

Embracing Fun

I take my responsibilities seriously, yet I always find room for humor. I value being in the company of those who can navigate challenges with a light heart and a smile.

Personal projects


A collection of imperfect icons on my favorite subject matter, food.

Scribulous food icon set Visit north_east


Some of my artistic experimentations with pen, ink and, eventually, some colors.

Guilherme Simoes illustration - Golden retriever unicorn Visit north_east

Reading now

(No, I can't focus on a single book at a time)