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I usually post some thoughts and present some of the work I do here.

A Six-Year Life Retrospective

Feb 11, 2024 in perspective

A small disclaimer: This is a very personal post. Think of it as a journal entry about a six-year life retrospective. I wanted to celebrate life milestones that deeply need a moment for reflection. Life moves fast, and I might only truly realize that now. This year, I turned 40. It has also been six years since my wife and I moved from Brazil to Germany.

Rethinking Tech

Nov 10, 2022 in perspective

With profound sorrow, I read the news of all layoffs across the tech industry. Thousands are losing their job in what seems to be a very long and grim period where tech companies are on a streak to cut costs and make themselves “leaner.”

A Guide to Balanced Professional Relationships

Nov 7, 2022 in design practice

“Expectations are often seen as premeditated resentments.” This statement highlights the double-edged nature of expectations. While they can lead to disappointment, they need not inevitably do so.

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Designing an Icon Family

A case study on how we delivered a 60+ icon family for a large scale brand redesign.

A New Dashboard Experience

I was tasked to lead the redesign of HelloFresh App's dashboard. I articulated the problem scoping, design exploration/execution and stakeholder facilitation.


Senior Design Manager @ Delivery Hero

2023 - Present

Design Manager @ Moonfare


Design Manager @ Hello Fresh

2018 - 2022